Charlie Hedbo

The two men killed twelve people, which inch duded the editor Stephan Char bonnier, seven other employees, and wounded eleven others. This was France’s deadliest terrorist in at least two decades. More than 700,000 people took to the streets across France in tribute to the p people killed by Salamis extremists.
The slogan in French “Jew sues Charlie” (“l am Charlie”) was widely used following the January 7 attack on the magazine, as people showed their support. Almost 40,000 people were seen holding up signs that read, “I am Charlie” with a large banner in the front of the e rally saying, “We are all Charlie”. Charlie Hoped will release its first issue since the attack Wednesday ay, January 13, but only a few hundred copies of the first printing are set to reach the United States ova err the next few days.
This issue was created by the surviving employees using equipment and workspace e provided by other companies. It is set to print nearly one million copies, which is much greater t an its normal 60,000 copies. If necessary, there is an option in place to print two more million copies Editorship Gerard Board told reports: “We are happy to have done it and ha app to have been able to do it, to have achieved it.

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It was tough. The front page… Was com placated to put together, because it had to express something new, it had to say something relating to the event that we had to deal with. ” The front cover of the issue is said to be a Islamic male holding up a sign that reads their slogan, “Jew Sues Charlie”. The magazine’s lawyer, Richard Malta, said yesterday (January 1 3):

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