Chateau Margaux Case Discussion

Chateau Margaux Case Discussion

In the tutorial of Week 7 we will have the only case discussion of the course.  The Chateau Margaux case provides an excellent vehicle with which to think about managing brand portfolios and, in doing so, helps us understand a number of important principles that we have covered in Brand Management (how the audit can be used to address brand management questions, generating branding options in practice, understanding the brand essence of Chateau Margaux, the role of segmentation in branding, etc.).HOUSEKEEPING ISSUES:

  • You must attend your allocated tutorial in Week 7. If, for any reason you cannot attend your tutorial (whether virtual or face to face) in Week 7, you must advise your tutor immediately. You have 15% of your grade riding on your performance in this case.
  • You should read the case with the Discussion Questions below in mind and be prepared to discuss them in class. There is no need to submit a written document for the case.
  • In class, do try to make between two and four points that help our discussion along. It may well be that your tutor suggests at some stage that you have made sufficient contribution so that we are able to hear from the whole tutorial group.
  • In virtual tutorials you are strongly encouraged to also make points in the Chat Room. They will be collected and will go towards your grade. Make sure that your Zoom name is not your “z” number or a nick name, but your forename and surname.  For F2F tutorials, your tutor will supply you with a name plate so s/he can attribute your contributions to you.


  • What is the Chateau Margaux brand positioning/essence? How do the positionings the Grand Vin and the Pavillion sit with that?  (If possible, use material from within the case as support.)
  • Do a brief audit of the environment facing the third wine (strengths, objectives, needs, and characteristics). If a third wine were to be launched, at whom should it be targeted and how should it be positioned? What are the options, and which do you prefer?
  • What marketing plan elements would you recommend for the third wine if the company did launch it (in terms of product elements, distribution, communications strategy and price)?
  • Would the launching of a third wine mean that Chateau Margaux had to modify the strategies that it currently adopts for its first and second tier wines?
  • What are the pros and cons of launching a third wine? Are there better options?

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