check the grammar of my essay and 5 paragraph and make some words or sentences better

change grammar use other colour plz. I can know where you changed.😃

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Neoliberalism has two authors, they are Friedman and McNally. Neoliberalism is defined as a set of the idea that government need to let market alone to resolve economic problems. If the government supports neoliberalism in market, the companies have enough freedom. The company has the right to privatization, free trade and deregulation. Friedman thinks neoliberalism in market will have a positive influence because market is efficient, the government is inefficient. He thinks education, health are ‘private family service†which can be better allocated in the market because of efficiency and freedom. As a result, neoliberalism market will give the market freedom, because no or limited state or social intervention are the most efficient way to organize the economy and to coordinate all social institutions. McNally thinks neoliberalism have a little negative effect about discipline workers. The debt is a way to discipline workers, the debt like credit card today. The company make workers owe money to the bank, Causing workers to have to work hard to repay debt. If workers don’t work hard, they will lose job and canâ€t repay debt. When worker canâ€t repay debt, bank will confiscate their house and car. For example, in ‘The Grapes of Wrath” written by Steinbeck. The farmers borrowed the money from the bank, the farmers donâ€t have enough money to repay loan, so bank confiscated their land.

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