child development …. due tomorrow…… read first

this assignment is due tomorrow…… must have done by tomorrow and no late work please…….  must have done by tomorrow……. use the attachment book to do this assignment. 
Follow all directions…….  you can make up certain parts such as observing a child and where….. 
Do the following: 
   Naturalistic Observation
For this assignment, you will need to observe a child between the ages of two and five. You may observe your own child; however, remember that this is an observation. 
Your introductory paragraph should include the following: describe the setting (where were you when doing the observation….. at home, at a park, a friends’ house, etc.); date; time; gender of child; age of child; and your relation to the child (how do you know them). Describe exactly what you see the preschooler doing for 30 minutes. Try to keep your assumptions and opinions aside. Use your senses to describe. Watch how the child moves their body. Give any direct quotes of things the child says. The child should NOT be watching t.v. during this time. (6 points)
For the analysis, evidence that you have referred to the textbook is a must! Whenever you use a quote, refer to a term or definition, please put the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence.
2. Physical Growth: (6 points)
What gross motor milestones has the child reached?
What fine motor milestones has the child reached? Ask the child to draw you a picture. Ask the child to describe their drawing to you. Write down their words. Scan or photograph the picture and insert into your assignment.
Does the child show a preference for one hand over the other? Which hand?
3. Cognitive Development: (6 points)
Do one of Piaget’s conservation experiments as described on page 280. Describe which experiment you do and how the child responded. Has the child achieved conservation?
Give an example of symbolic thought (pretend play).
Language: Analyze growth of vocabulary and grammar. Give an example (a quote) of something the child says. Does the child meet the milestones listed in the chapter?
4. Psycho-social: (6 points)
Ask the child to describe themselves. What is their self-concept?
Describe the child at play. You may ask the caregiver this question. Do you see gender identity developing in their play?? 
Choose one more aspect of psycho-social development from Chapter 10 to discuss.
5. A concluding paragraph where you sum up your ideas. What did you learn after doing the observation and analysis? What would be the next steps in development and how can the parent/caregiver help the child get there? (6 points)
5 points for grammar, double spaced, essay format. You must show at least three references to the textbook for each domain paragraph.

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