Christianity Reaction Paper

Christianity Reaction Paper
The purpose of these papers is to encourage you to reflect in an organized fashion on your encounter with the chosen religious traditions. The two basic questions which must be addressed in this paper are as follows:

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• What did I find meaningful in this religion’s theology, ritual, or morality? Of course, explain why.
• With what did I disagree most in this religion’s theology, ritual, or morality? Of course, explain why.

YOU MUST REACT TO 4-5 THINGS ABOUT Christianity. In short, carefully explain what you liked and why, and what you didn’t like and why. And, when you react to a particular ritual or practice, don’t react only to the particular actions, but react to the meanings behind those actions as well. It is possible that you may agree with the principle behind something, but not with the practice of it (or, vice versa!). I do not expect your responses to these questions to be balanced, i.e., that your positive reactions will equal your negative reactions. However, both topics must be broached seriously. This is not to be a description of the new things you learned about the religion. It should be your reactions to those things. As resources you should use: 1) Personal experience; 2) Class notes; 3) Notes from Eller’s “book.” I want your words and your reactions. Do not paraphrase or quote Eller, although you may surely refer to some of the religions’ sacred texts. Do NOT simply compare and contrast your own religion with the religion you are reacting to. I need more reasons for your reactions than merely that the religion in question is similar to or different from the religion you currently profess. Also, do NOT react to the religion’s history. Please speak with me if you have any questions about my expectations here. The burden of understanding is on your shoulders. Your papers must be type-written, double-spaced, and should be approximately four pages long. Please use standard fonts. Your paper must also conform to the Paper Policy in your syllabus.

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