Clean Data and Basic Analysis with R programming

Using the data collected in week 1, clean the data and perform perform basic statistical analysis.
Often times data is analyzed and visualized to understand, but not to present the visualization. Visualizations can be excellent analytical tools.

If you would like to generate different data than what was gathered in week 1, you may. However, clearly state that the data is different and the source of the data in the research paper. You do not need a compelling reason, so do not spend time trying to justify your choice. You may use data that is available within the libraries of R, as well.

Determine what cleaning is needed, if any. Using statistical tools provided in the lecture, or tools you ascertained the knowledge of from another source, determine what tools to use and perform at least 2 statistical analyses on your dataset.

After completing these actions in R, write a research paper and describe:
the condition, type, and size of your data
what cleaning was needed in order to prepare the data for analysis
what statistical tools were used and any assumptions these tools have
what were the results of the statistical analyses and what does this tell you about your data?
could you see any way to discretely misrepresent your data when performing your cleaning or analysis?
The following documents should be submitted for full credit:
The research paper
The .r file with your code and/or
If the cleaning and statistical tests were done in the console, copy and paste the console input/output into a .txt file
Your research paper should be at least 3 pages (and at least 800 words), double-spaced, saved in MS Word format. All research papers in this course should be written in APA format, excluding the abstract. Properly cite and reference any websites or documents you include to support the requirements of this assignment.

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