In 800 words, reveal what has emerged from your four interviews. Focus on four main themes. This will be a methodological report. The assignment will be graded on three rubrics: Coherence (30%), ethnographic appropriateness (50%), grammar, spelling, and length (20%).

The 800 words of the paper will be structured into eight 100 word paragraphs, as follows:

1- Introduction: Reason for studying this topic, and very briefly, what the interviews reveal (a short summary of the rest of the paper)
2- Literature: What literature are you using and how it links to your findings. Make sure you use two authors from our readings
3- Findings: Expand on the themes revealed in the interview tell your reader what four themes came up in your conversations it can either be one theme per interview or four generic themes that come up from all the interviews
4- Theme 1: Talk about the theme and expand on it
5- Theme 2: Talk about the theme and expand on it
6- Theme 3: Talk about the theme and expand on it
7- Theme 4: Talk about the theme and expand on it
8- Conclusions: What can we learn from the interviews you conducted?

The literature review in particular is going to be important. You have to use concepts/ideas/arguments from two articles we read so far (it can also be any of the articles we worked through in class, as long as you paraphrase them accordingly). This paragraph is supposed to give you the theoretical lens for your article: for example, we didnt know there is a racial logic, that has been developing for over 100 years, in the ways western Europeans interact with other people until we talked about it in class, so if this is an idea you use to think about your topic, you should give credit to the author of the idea, as it is not yours. The fact that you use two articles we discussed in class does not mean you do not have to reference authors of all other ideas that are not your own. Plagiarism is something we criticize heavily in this class, through everything we discuss, so giving credit to the people who deserve it needs to be at the core of our concerns!

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