competition of house plant themed monthly subscription service

Please do the requirement 5&6 associated with the article I’ve uploaded. What is your product: house plant themed monthly subscription service.  Customers receive a box once a month with small plants and related products (fertilizer, small pots, and house plant related gear like water meters, pruners, etc.).  Plants come with detailed ‘care cards’ describing how to take care of the plants. is an example of the product idea “My Plant Box is a monthly subscription service that offers customers the benefits of houseplants along with a fun monthly surprise.  Indoor plants have been shown to have positive effects on people in several ways.  Air quality is improved through the plants’ natural processes.  Plants also benefit people through biophilia, our tendency to seek out interactions with nature and other forms of life.  Having plants near us tends to reduce stress, improve moods, and increase productivity.  Even a few small plants can have a profound effect. My Plant Box takes the value of indoor plants and adds to it the fun of receiving a monthly shipment of plants and related gear.  Subscribers will receive a box once a month with an assortment of small plants, tools, and fun plant projects (i.e. hanging air plant garden).  Plants are also accompanied by a Care card that details in easily understood language how to care for the included plants to help grow our customers’ green thumbs.”

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