Context Diagram & System Design Specifications

Part 1:

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Use a tool to make a context diagram, there are tools such as Lucidchart and others in the market for making a diagram.
Develop a Context Diagram for the case system using Lucidchart or another to create the context diagram.
Criteria: Full credit for use of the appropriate shapes, with appropriate labeling on the shapes and the lines.
Take a screenshot of your diagram, and paste it into a Word document.

Part 2 :
Create your project’s System Design Specification document. You may conduct research to find a template, or use a blank Word document.
Criteria: Complete the System Design Specification document for your project.
title page,
project name,
table of contents,
references, and
detail information about each component listed in your table of contents.
Also include the Context Diagram form Part 1 at the end of your System Design Specification document.
Content related to this assignment for continuation is attached in the form of documents.

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