Corporate Social Responsibility

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Unit L/617/1248 Corporate Social Responsibility
Level 4 15 Credits
You are working for a well-known sports clothing manufacturer. Your company has recently
received a lot of bad publicity because of investigations and reports in the press about
human rights and conditions for workers in factories used by the company. Workers have
reported abuse, low wages and poor physical working environments. There is a code of
conduct for suppliers but no means of ensuring it is adhered to. This issue has caused the
company to consider other corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues such as carbon
neutrality and recycling. It has become apparent to senior managers that a CSR policy is
needed but the Board must be convinced of this. You have been asked to write a report on
current corporate social responsibility issues facing the business, which the senior
management team will consider at their next meeting before discussing with the Board.
Task 1
Produce an explanatory report for the senior management team which covers the following:  an analysis of the regulatory framework for CSR (AC1.1)  an analysis of environmental issues in CSR (AC1.2)  an analysis of social and community issues in CSR (AC1.3).
Merit task
To achieve a Merit, you must add a section to your report where you assess changing
attitudes to CSR (AC1M1).
Distinction task
To achieve a Distinction, you must add a section to your report where you evaluate the
success of a chosen organisation in managing CSR issues. This may be an organisation
which you have worked for, or one that you can research. (AC1D1).
Task 2
Following submission of your report, the senior management team wish to understand the
impact of corporate social responsibility policy on different stakeholders. They invite you to a
meeting to discuss aspects of the impact. Prepare discussion notes in the form of detailed
information on the following aspects so that you are prepared to present any or all of your
responses verbally or in writing at the meeting:
1. Assess the benefits of CSR to our employees (AC2.1)
2. Analyse the impact of CSR on our supply chain (AC2.2)
3. Explain how a CSR policy will impact on the Senior Management Team and business
performance (AC2.3)
Merit task
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To achieve a Merit, you must add a section to your discussion notes where you assess the
potential conflicts which may arise when we try to satisfy the needs and expectations of
different stakeholders through our CSR policy. (AC2M1).
Task 3
At the meeting with senior managers, the Board of Directors agreed that a CSR policy will be
developed. The senior managers want you to draft a brief for them to make
recommendations to the Board for responsible business practice. They want you to do this
by initially reviewing the CSR policy of a similar company.
You must choose a sports clothing manufacturer or another organisation that manufactures
clothing and review its CSR policy. Produce a brief for the SMT to finalise and take to the
Board. In the brief you must include:  A review of the CSR policy of your chosen clothing manufacturer (AC3.1)  Your recommended changes to the CSR policy to benefit the following groups of
stakeholders  suppliers
 customers
 employees
 environment  community (AC3.2)  An assessment of the potential impact of changes in CSR on business performance
Distinction task
To achieve a Distinction, you must add a section to your brief where you assess the extent
of voluntarism in CSR policies (AC3D1).
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