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Read the files and answer the question(you only can use the sources that I give to you) 1. Socrates and the Buddha:  Drawing only on assigned course content, contrast their approach to teaching and their message on the ideal way to live. Which teacher presented the more challenging path?  Why?  (Up to 350 words) !!use “plato” and “the world’s wisdom”  2. Using your Perusall assignment (well-being) as a guide, briefly summarize the argument of the “Confucianism and Well-Being” article.  Then, contrast that article with guidance on well-being from two philosophical traditions in the Week 5 content. (Up to 350 words)  use “well-being” “Epicureanism reading 4.1 4.2 4.3” and “Stoicism 4.4 4.5” Only course-assigned material should be used in responding to the prompt, unless otherwise directed. Please cite your sources for all words, information, and ideas (videos, readings, weekly notes, etc.). Please use quotation marks when you are using someone else’s exact words. If you are paraphrasing, paraphrase completely, and cite your source. Your citation should include the author’s name and the page number, if there is one. If you are using course resources that were assigned to you, then you do not need to also have a Works Cited page. Note: If you do use sources from outside of the course, then you need to provide a full citation in a Works Cited page, using MLA format.

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