Critical Assignment Case Study 4

The goal of completing this case study is for you to apply the theories and ideas you have learned from the Lussier book. (ATTACHED)


Read the case “You Are Not Hurt?  Good, Youre Fired!” ( Case 14-2 p.538 ), and answer the following questions in no less that one paragraph each.  Include reference to the facts from the case and citations from the book:

Case Study 4 Questions

1.  This case was a civil case. How might it have become a federal case under OSHAs charge?

2.  How might ActioNet have not upheld their OSHA responsibilities?

3.  Although a federal investigation 2 days later indicated no wrongdoing on Yangs part (he was called a complete victim), ActioNet took no further action in the matter. If these were OSHA investigators, under what category of violation might ActioNet be subject to penalty?

4.  Stress might have been the cause of Tymonys intolerable conduct. Which cause(s) of stress might have accounted for his inexcusable behavior?

5.  What are the causes of workplace violence, and how might they help us better understand this case?

6.  What are the signs of potential violence, and were any exhibited in this case?

7.  What trends or issues in workplace safety apply to this case?

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