Critical Security Control

Using the  AuditScripts Critical Security Control spreadsheet

(or another tool of your choosing), pick one CIS Critical Security Control that you feel is lacking and is a high risk within your organization (if you’re not currently working for an organization, focus on a high risk that can be addressed by one of the CIS Critical Security Controls).
      Convince your target audience (i.e. key decision makers) within your organization to take action to address the risk (i.e. implement a new technology).  (REMEMBER the key decision makers want facts so that they can make an informed decision, but they also need you to present your argument in a language they understand.)

      You can convey your message in a narrative and/or incorporate graphics.  Minimum one page, maximum two pages.  Support your response with evidence from course materials (videos/readings) and/or outside sources.  Use APA format when citing evidence.

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