CRMJ 610 Assignment One

Please write a 250 – 500 word statement (call it a mini essay if you like) in which you summarize a few aspects of your professional life. Try to demonstrate your understanding of these questions in your statement:

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What is your sense of the field of (choose your favorite term) user experience (UX) design, UX research, human-centered design and engineering, etc.? What about it do you find exciting, challenging, intriguing, or daunting?
How do you feel you are prepared to function as a professional in the field when you graduate?
What experiences, academic and other, have you had that have prepared you for such a career?
What connections do you see between your experiences and the discipline?

You don’t have to answer these individually; just use them to develop a well-crafted essay. This statement is the backbone of your portfolio and is your opportunity to showcase and sell your knowledge and skills – you will link everything else in your portfolio to this statement. You might think of this as a cover letter to your portfolio.


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