Write a brief analysis about the three crowdfunding campaigns provided. Take the point of view of a potential investor, so you will be analyzing the whole business (reasoning should no “I would be willing to invest in that business, and as a first step I will buy that product for 100”). 300-400 words per each campaign analysis.

Key concepts (opportunity, value proposition, business model, problem & solution validation with clients etc., team capabilities)

Use as many concepts as possible that can be related to the evaluation of a crowdfunding campaign, including the key ones mentioned before. Also, there should be link between the analysis and the final investment decision.

Should decide in which one to invest. The total investment is 300 which can be divided as 300 (investing in only one) 200-100(investing in two of them), 100-100-100 (investing in the three of them). The analysis should justify why you have allocated them the way you have.

Crowdfunding pages to evaluate:

There should not that many external sources, just for research  of the key criteria of evaluation of  a campaign. More than  that it should be a personal analysis applying all important concepts.

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