data base access

Final Product Submission

Your final draft of your database system: 

Any user documentation, revised relational schema, or other supporting documentation


Every table should have a minimum of 5 records to ensure that everything works (ie., queries, reports, etc.)
Main menu should open when Access starts
All team member’s names on Main Menu. This may be removed when giving the final product to your client.
Minimum of 5 queries
Minimum of 5 reports.
Navigation to all submenus from Main Menu and back to Main Menu from submenus (You may use buttons for this)
Use of DLOOKUP at least 2 times. May be in a macro or embedded in a form. 
Minimum of 5 macros all with intuitive names (ie., describing what the macro does and NOT macro1, macro2, etc.)
Employ at least one conditional macro.
Add one crosstab query accessible from the Main Menu.
One data entry form. The user should NOT have to enter PK data values here. 
All data should be viewable in a form, subform, report, etc. Size data displays so that everything is visible.
All Reports should have navigational buttons at top as well as bottom of the screen to return to the Main Menu.
Any errors or issues should be noted in documentation.
Add a button on the Main Menu to exit the database.
Add directions that show where I will be able to find your key components (above requirements; eg. where did you put your DLOOKUPs?)

**Please provide instructions or labels in your DB application so that I might easily locate the above requirements.
Complete and fully functional database with external schema and with adequate data for testing — complete and ready for review by the last day of classes.

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