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Part 1: Answer the Module Review Questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.

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Describe the two steps to data storage design. How are a file and a database different from each other?
Name five types of files and describe the primary purpose of each type.
Name two types of legacy databases and the main problems associated with each type. What is the most popular kind of database today? Provide three examples of products that are based on this database technology.
What are the two most important factors in determining the type of data storage format that should be adopted for a system? Why are these factors so important?

Part 2: Module Practice:

You have been given a file that contains the following fields relating to CD information. Using the steps of normalization, create a logical data model that represents this file in third normal form. The fields include the following:

Musical group name
Musicians in group
Date group was formed
Group’s agent
CD title 1
CD title 2
CD title 3
CD 1 length
CD 2 length
CD 3 length
The assumptions are as follows:

Musicians in group contains a list of the members of the people in the musical group.
Musical groups can have more than one CD, so both group name and CD title are needed to uniquely identify a particular CD.

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