ddha 8130 culturally sensitive health services and marketing plan

Assignment: Culturally Sensitive Health Services and Marketing Plans

Culturally targeted patient education materials are essential if they are to be accepted and used by clients from different ethnic minority populations. The creation of culturally relevant materials requires a team effort and community stakeholder input.

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—Van Son (2014, p. 418)

Before health care administrators can market any health service or program, they must first consider the target population or audience to whom these services or programs will be marketed. Not surprisingly, cultural beliefs, language, and even cultural history play a major role in informing the types of messages and communications made to market new services and programs.

For this Assignment, reflect on the health care service or program you selected for your Final Project. Consider how cultural sensitivity might inform the marketing of your health care service or program.

Note: The completion of this Assignment will consist of the elements necessary for Component 5 of your Final Project.

The Assignment (1–2 pages)

  • Explain which elements of your health care services marketing plan are culturally sensitive and appropriate.
  • Explain how culturally sensitive and appropriate considerations might affect marketing plans and why.

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