Define and explain occupational therapy

The assignment MUST be completed individually.
There are 2 sections to this assignment.
Section 1:
Create a script for a 3-minute (strict limit – no more) video where you -define and explain occupational therapy to someone who does not know what occupational therapy is. It should include:

A definition of occupational therapy with an explanation of key terms related to occupational therapy. Use some practical examples to explain Occupational Therapy e.g. use the range of occupations the person you are talking to is involved in(in this case a single lady in her late 20s,Nurse, who also works in aged care on weekends, participates in weekly sports such as badmintonetc… and is active in church activities, you can also include other occupations such as cooking,cleaning,…etc) examples explaining what OTs do in a specific area of practice.
What makes occupational therapy unique when compared to other health professions?

Your explanation needs to be comprehensive but easy for the person to understand i.e. do not use too much technical jargon. Ultimately, what you mention in the script, it should be how you answer the question “So, what is occupational therapy?” when anyone asks you.

Section 2:
Part 1: – Drawing on core concepts that are central to occupational therapy practice, explain your rationale for describing occupational therapy the way you did in your script. Use at least 6 references.
(600 words – strict limit, no more)

Part 2: – Select ONE of the following areas of practice where occupational therapists are employed.
I have chosen Mental health – working with people with mental health conditions

Research the area of practice and write 600 words (strict limit, no more) that includes:

The role of the occupational therapist in this area of practice
The types and range of people and medical conditions that the occupational therapist may work with in this area
Explain what occupational therapists offer in this area of practice.
What is the purpose of OTs working with these people with these types of injuries or disabilities? Refer to core concepts that are central to occupational therapy practice.
Use at least 6 references. References should be from 2007 or newer – however, the use of one or two (max) older references that are seminal e.g. research on the benefits of occupation – are OK.
Written Reponses to Section 2 written questions i.e. 600 words for Part 1 and 2 – i.e. 1200 words total.
Reference list (not included in word count)
FORMAT: Stick to the word and time limits as stated above. The marker will not read or mark work beyond the word limit.
A full reference list must be included at the end of the assignment (references are not included in the word count).
Please ensure the assignment is PROFESSIONALLY formatted.
Please note APA 6th edition alphabetical referencing is required for this assignment.
You are required to write this assignment using third person style.
An introduction and conclusion is not required for this assignment.



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