Describe three reflexes that you would expect to see in a healthy full term newborn baby. Up to 1 mark for each reflex accurately described.

Describe three reflexes that you would expect to see in a healthy full term newborn baby. Up to 1 mark for each reflex accurately described.

Examples Grasp reflex: when an object or finger touches the palm of the baby’s hand, it is automatically grasped. The falling reflex (Moro reflex): any sudden movement which affects the neck gives the baby the feeling that she may be dropped. Sucking and swallowing reflex: when something is put in the baby’s mouth, the baby at once sucks and swallows. Or any appropriate suggestions. (b) What is meant by growth and development? 1 mark for accurately describing development. Development is a continuous process from conception to maturity. It depends on the maturation of the nervous system. Development is concerned with the possession of skills. 1 mark for accurately describing growth. Growth refers to the increase in physical size and can be measured by height (length), weight and head circumference. Growth is determined by heredity, hormones, nutrition and emotional influences. Up to 4 marks for a detailed explanation. Example Physical development proceeds in a set order, with simple behaviours occurring before more complex skills eg a child will sit before he or she stands, palmar grasp before pincer grip

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The following factors are important in influencing the development of children. Ante€“Natal care Nutrition Environment Evaluate how two of these factors influence physical growth and development, giving one positive and one negative effect for each factor chosen. Up to 2 marks each for Knowledge and Understanding and up to 2 marks for Analysis and Evaluation marks for each factor chosen. Both Positive and Negative must be included in the answer. Ante€“Natal care General discussion with the Midwife/GP and Consultant and attendance at ante-natal classes prepares both parents for labour and parenthood. Knowledge gained about diet ie no shellfish, soft cheeses, pates which may harm the growing baby. To be encouraged to eat a healthy well balanced diet (not for 2!). Discussions re types of feeding breast/bottle and the benefits of each. Allows for regular checks of blood pressure, urine testing and prevention of pre-eclampsia. To ensure that a safe pregnancy and delivery result in a healthy mother and baby. Advice re smoking and possible effects on size of baby, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, use of ultra sound scans allows for detection of any abnormalities, identification and management of any deviation from normal. Advice re alcohol intake and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome/use of drugs legal/illegal which can harm the growing baby. Awareness of being fully immunised. Screening/scans and tests may cause anxiety for the expectant parents/ the realisation that some parents do not wish to know if their child has a developmental problem due to personal choice/religious reasons. Some parents may see ante-natal care as interference in their lives and do not wish to accept the advice of the medical profession. Attendance at clinics/appointments at the GP’s surgery may be time consuming/ stressful for parent especially with other children

Evaluate the use of case studies as a method for researching children’s development.

Describe one method of observation used in assessing children’s development.



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