Design a lesson using PowerPoint Presentation (or any other program)

The Goal:

1. The student designed lesson which uses modern techniques.

2. To be proficient in the use of computers in teaching as the most important modern technology.

3. To attend lessons and assist his colleagues in preparing lessons using modern technologies.


Prepare an educational unit from a textbook from the sixth grade and above, provided that the program depends on the teaching method (Individualize learning) The 

Program used for

PowerPoint, which can be used to teach a concept in your major. The presentation must include advanced features of PowerPoint such as sound and input Pictures, video clips, etc.


Alignment with the lesson objective: The presentation should be consistent with the topic or the objective of the lesson. Choose the topic or goal of your major and the grade level you intend to teach.

  Length: The width shall be appropriate to the concept and to the chosen grade level. There should be no duplicate slides.

Instructional design: The submitted material should follow the principles of instructional design such as logical sequencing, walking from easy to difficult, etc.

Visual design principles: The applied instructional design principles should include the effective use of color, the appropriate size of sentences and font, the appropriate use of graphics, etc. Make sure that you have registered and documented all the sources used, and that the last slide includes a list of these sources.

Interactive: The presentation should be interactive. It should require the student to be actively involved, using input tools appropriate to the concept being taught at the specified age level.

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