Designing a Strategic Marketing Plan: Overview and Theme


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Part 1: Marketing Goals/Expected Outcomes 150 words
Written suggestion: Briefly describe what the important results your
product/service/offer is expecting to achieve (increased sales, etc.) How will you measure
your success (monetary amount/value of sales, etc.)

Part 2: Target Market Description 150 words
Written suggestion: You must also provide a detailed profile of the demographics of
your intended target market who will you be attracting? You should include at least
the following information about your intended target market.
Social status
Family status
What does the customer what from you product/service/offer?
Unique needs, attitudes, behaviors
What needs will your product/service/offer satisfy? How will you meet those
Attitudes (budget conscious, tight budget or easy spender)
Information needs (what do your investors need to know about your business?
Where will you provide it?
Media preferences (TV, social media, print)

Part 3.1 Name/Logo/Slogan 100 words
Written suggestion: Describe your product/service/offer name, logo, slogan/tag line, etc.
Include why you selected this name and design. How does it promote the image of your
product/service/offer? Discuss the impact of your tag line on your intended target market
segment. Also explain how you will incorporate this element into your marketing efforts.

Part 3.2 Merchandising 100 words
Written suggestion: Business offer a variety of novelty items to drive sales. This section of
your report should include a description of the type of merchandise you plan to sell with
your product/service/offer name on it. You must not only list the type of merchandise,
but also answer all parts of the marketing mix for them. (Where will you sell? At what
price? How will people know about your merchandise? What will be available?)

Part 4: Positioning Strategic Partnership or Sponsorship 100 words
Written suggestion: Explain what is unique about your target market and how you plan
to address this. What about your product/service/offer or your marketing mix are the
unique and identifying qualities that are important to your target market?
Many business endeavors team up with other well-known business/celebrity to identify
with potential customers. Name two major companies/celebrities that your business will
partner with for marketing purposes. Explain why you chose these companies/celebrities
and the benefits to both your product/service/offer and the companies/celebrities.
Explain why this is a beneficial partnership for both of you.
What are your plans for employing their name/image with respect to your marketing
efforts? Explain what they will do to promote your product/service/offer and how you will
recognize them.

Part 5: Product/Service/Offer 100 words
Written suggestion: Describe your product/service/offer. Describe your ideas and justify
your pricing decisions, what is the value of your product/service/offer to the customer?

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