Family Episode 2 
Logan Family Episode 2
Program Transcript 
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: These fries are really good. Hey, get your own. 
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: They are good. So what did you mom have to say about 
all this? 
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: She’s the stereotype, you know? Teenager, pregnant, 
dead-end future. Now, she’s got one for a daughter. 
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: You’re not a stereotype. You’re a beautiful young woman 
with a great future. 
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Some future. I wanted to go away to college. Maybe get a 
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: You can still do that. 
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Not with a baby, I can’t. Maybe I can go to community 
college, but it’s not the dream. That social worker, Miss Warrick, you know what 
she said when I told her about me? Didn’t you use protection? Just threw it in my 
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: I talked to her once. She got her degree in stupid. 
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Talking to my mom is even worse. With her, it’s like deja 
vu all over again. She got pregnant with me around the same age and she didn’t 
go away to college, she missed out on things she wanted. She told me all the 
time how her life would be totally different if she did have me. Some guilt trip, 
huh? That’s why she wants me to get an abortion, so it doesn’t happen again for 
me and for my kid. 
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: What do you want? 
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: I don’t even know. Here, you can have them. I’m not 
hungry anymore. 

 Post an analysis of the influence of adultism in the  Logan case. Then, explain how gender, race, class, and privilege  interact with adultism to influence the family’s discourse related to  Eboni’s pregnancy as well as other family dynamics 

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