Diana in the Docks

Diana In the Dock : does privacy matter? ‘Diana’ as used in the title is referring to the Former Princess of Wales ‘Princess Diana’. In November 1993 The mirror newspaper published photos of ‘princess Diana’ while she was working out at a gym. These photo’s were taken out of consent by Diana by the Gym owner Bryce Taylor who was paid over 100,000 pounds for the photos . Thus Princess Did had his assets frozen and sued him.
Due to the fact Bryce Taylor was broke he seeded legal aid where he was provided with Geoffrey Robertson o defend him. Robertson describes this case through the use of a paradox in the opening paragraph “Diana had been the victim of a dirty trick which provided windfall profits to undeserving people” these undeserving people being ‘Bryce Taylor’ and the mirror magazine. Donna’s perspective is that her privacy was breached for common greed of monetary benefits by that of Bryce Taylor.
However, Ironically for Bryce Taylor benefit his legal aid, lawyer Geoffrey Robertson “was the tutor of a textbook that analyses and deplored that absence of any privacy law In Britain” which represents to the reader Robertson’s extents knowledge within the topic of privacy, Wealth Robertson’s defense of Bryce Taylor he states when Diana places her self in the gym “It was like working out in a shop window” representing that her privacy was automatically violated and she’s “nonetheless been inviting It to happen”.

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Thus puts us in a position to view Diana as someone who manipulates the Edie in order to suit her own ends. Robertson also states her relationship with the media as ‘a Faustian bargain’ which refers to the story of Faust who sells his soul to the devil in order to gain greater power. This again supports Robertson’s use of the disjunction of ‘bur In “but Diana wanted privacy only when It suited her”. Nonetheless as Robertson describes Donna’s relationship with the media as ‘ a Faustian bargain’ It shows that Diana had to sell her soul to the media in order to main good publicity and power.
This is significantly supported by Robertson use of the metaphor In the concluding paragraph ” In 1997 Diana was killed fleeing the flashbulbs” which has Robertson positions us to see Diana as someone who seeded the attention of the media and as this back fired she tried to ‘flee’ where the consequence became death. Just like that of Faust who sold his soul to the devil , regretted it and was sent to hell. Therefore Robertson believes It’s her own fault for her lack of privacy.

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