Dino Death Trap

The film “Dino Death Trap” at the National Geographic Channel is documentary movie which provides information about extraordinary fossil found in Gobi Desert. Therefore, the actions in the film took place millions of years ago. The scientists are showed to be quite surprised when finding fossils in the middle of China. They claimed that petrified bones of fossils belonged to unknown species.
Moreover, they were in odd positions layered on each other in one single rock. Researchers said that two of the found creatures belonged to same specie being the ancestors of Tyrannosaurus rex, but they were entailed with more usable forearms and pliable claws, whereas Tyrannosaurus rex was two-fingered flippers which were completely useless. Those fossils had delicate crest on their heads which were likely to be used for protection and butting.
Nevertheless, the scientists look surprised because the fossils were likely to provide collective link to Jurassic Park. It is known that after Jurassic dinosaurs were of massive size, whereas before that period they were relatively small. In other words, dinosaurs before Jurassic were of turkey’s size. The God Desert provided certain answers, as we see in the film. One of the most interesting creatures is the crested feller which scientists called ‘crested dragon’.

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Scientists argued that fossil appeared to be the missing evolutionary link between the parts of Jurassic period. Other found species allowed researchers to follow evolutionary tree, but pterodactyl and stegosaurus proved to be a mystery to be solved. Scientists wondered what had caused dinosaurs to die at the same time. Scientists believed that the found fossils would shed more light on how dinosaurs evolutionary grew to be larger.

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