Disadvantages of Planning, Advantages and Disadvantages of Planning/How to avoid failures of planning BMGT 364

Disadvantages of Planning, Advantages and Disadvantages of Planning/How to avoid failures of planning BMGT 364

RESPOND TO CLASSMATES DISCUSSION POSTS Learning Activity #1 – Theme 1 The 21st century manager is the person tasked to implement the leaders vision and mission for the organization. The manager does this with the help of Fayols theoretical framework known as the four pillars of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. This week, we begin our examination of the four pillars of management with the first function, planning. (DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS, RESPOND TO CLASSMATE RESPONSES BELOW) 1. Jodianne Aguirre posted Nov 6, 2017 9:59 AM A few articles that discussed the pros and cons of planning were: Advantages and Disadvantages of Planning/How to avoid failures of planning. This article focused on the importance of involving others in planning. The Disadvantages of Planning, which focused on how planning can fail. The value of business planning before start-up-A decision-theoretical perspective, which compared the use and lack of a business plan. Advantages and disadvantages of planning Some of the advantages of using the planning functions in management are that it establishes an objective and helps to find out what obstacles are there in the way of business during the course of operation (MSG experts, 2017). The planning function helps managers and employees in setting a goal and working towards achieving that goal. Also, planning gives managers the opportunity to choose an alternative course of action (MSG experts). Planning gives managers the opportunity to examine the big picture and implement a plan of action for any situation that may arise. Most managers will agree that derivation plans are sub plans or secondary plans which help in the achievement of the main plan (MSG experts). Additionally, the function of planning also help managers to organize and staff accordingly. It alleviates wasting of resources minimizes uncertainties and creates a competitive edge (MSG experts) Disadvantages of planning Planning is a great tool for a successful business, but it has its disadvantages. Planning can limit the freedom of employees to explore and express new ideas. They may feel compelled to stay within the limits of the plan. Additionally, planning may be more tailored to the person making the plan rather than to the needs of the business (MSG experts). Planning can also be “time consumingâ€, and not effective in time critical situations. Another down side to planning is that you can never plan for every possible outcome; therefore, planning does not always provide a concrete disposition. Furthermore, managers as well as employees may become complacent or too comfortable with their plan which can cripple the potential to do more. A manager may use the advantages of planning to his or her benefit by making proper planning a continuous principle of their organization. Managers may use planning to educate employees giving them a sense of direction (Advantages and disadvantages of planning/how to avoid failure of planning, 2017). Planning is beneficial if employees feel they are included in the process and will be more likely to work towards accomplishing the plan. Planning brings to light some possible obstacles that an organization may face in the future; therefore, managers can use that knowledge to put in place a solution to avoid that obstacle. For example, if a company is planning on doing fireworks for the customers on 4th of July, one obstacle might be the chance of having a fire; solution would be to have fire extinguishers available. On the other hand, the disadvantages of planning can be used as an advantage to managers. One of the disadvantage of planning is that it limits the freedom of employees. Limiting freedoms to an extent provides more control in an organization. A healthy level of control is necessary in the workplace, lack of accountability may cause poor implementation (Richard, 2017). Taking away some flexibility and giving limits can prevent a company from being in chaos. Additionally, mangers are aware that relying on plans may cause an organization to become complacent; therefore, when the competitors get comfortable with their planning and application of that plan, managers can catch them off guard by doing something unexpected. Also, another disadvantage of planning is the act of planning itself, it is time consuming. Therefore, managers can rest assure that new ventures launched with business plans do not subsequently outperform ones launched without them (Lange, Mollou, Pearlmutler, Singh, and Bygrave, 2007). So managers can use that time to do two projects at once.



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