Discuss and explain how you may respond to the special health requirements of Ernie

You are having an afternoon shift in a high care Aged care facility.The following particular incidents are happening during your shift.Your shift starts at 1430 and finishes by 2230. 1. A family meeting for newly admitted resident.Mr Ernie Georvich at 1530.Ernil came to your facility 1 week back and his admission process is still going on which may take three more weeks to complete as per policy and protocol of the aged care facility.Ernie has a health history of CVA with right side weakness and aphasia,IDDM,Arthritis of knee joints,history of falls,demential,allergy to panadol and morphine and challenging behaviours(wandering and aggression predisposed by noise and invasion of personal space).The family has expressed their concerns regarding these during the 20mts meeting. 2. An officer from the council arrives at 1645 to conduct an enquiry about a complaint lodged by a visitor regarding elderly are aware that the complaint is fraudulent.The visit of the officer was not nitified earlier.He requires 1 hour interviewing with you and completing the report.You have to start your medication round at 1800. Answer the following questions based on the mentioned case study. 1.Discuss and explain how you may respond to the special health requirements of Ernie 2. Discuss the specific strategies that you may adopt to address the demential that Ernie has 3. Identifly significant strategies that may be adoted to minimize the impact of challenging behaviours of Ernie. 4. Explain how you can contribute to the development of a care plan for Ernie within your scope of practice. 5. Explain how you can evaluate the outcomes of a planned nursing care of an older client.Quote examples from the case discussed. 6. Explain how you are going to adress the situation with the investigating officer.Also discuss how you may address the contemporaly issue in eged care practice. 7. Discuss on how an Enrolled Nurse may practice proficiently within the ages care environment.

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