Discuss relevant ethical principles that relate to offering health promotion and education in this practice setting i.e. Justice Autonomy Beneficence and Non- Maleficence

Discuss 3 health promotion opportunities applicable
Project description
Assignment Title
Assignment: Discuss the relevant health promotion opportunities applicable to the person/group of people within your placement area taking into account the legal
ethical and policy context.
Choose 3 health promotion issues (such as nutrition: obesity/undernourishment smoking infection control exercise alcohol) for your study.
Word Limit:2000 words (plus or minus 10%)
Firstly choose a patient/client or group of clients in whose care you have been involved in. Then give some brief relevant background details about them with regard
to their needs and the care given. This could relate to a ward nursing home assisted living accommodation or nursery.
Within your assignment you must consider the issue of consent in relation to the patient/client or groups of clients.
Use your reading to help you develop your discussions and ensure that your work is referenced from current evidence and research.
Assignment Guidelines:
Firstly you will need to discuss how you gained consent from a person/group in whose care you have been involved. This consent may come from the manager of the area.
You will then need to consider the legal framework that governs the context you have chosen eg. Nursery you would need to include The Children Act (1989).
You also need to consider the ethical issues related to your case study. This could include confidentiality storage of client information beneficence non-
maleficence autonomy and justice.
You also need to consider the policy context. In terms of an acute setting this might include reference to the Health and Social Care Act (2012).
Remember that you will need to link your discussions about care to your wider reading and research. Try to think how the theory you read relates to the practice you
experience. Ensure that you use Harvard referencing in your text.
The aim of this assessment is to help you build on the work we have covered in the scenario focused sessions your reading and personal study as well as to enable you
to demonstrate achievement of the module learning outcomes. It should also help you to develop your skills and knowledge in assessing and delivering care in practice.
You should be able to see change here in terms of where you were at the beginning of the first year and where you are now.
Your work must be original and must not be based on any other assessment you or someone else has completed. Your work will also be checked using TURNITIN plagiarism
Please remember the issue of confidentiality. Nowhere in the essay should the person ward hospital or other setting be identified. Permission must be obtained from
the patient to use their case.
You should write your assignment so that you include reflection on practice but this will need to be clearly linked with discussions and points of view that have
emerged from your reading. You will need to refer to this reading throughout your text using the Harvard Referencing System.
Try and get as much discussion as possible going in your writing. Make sure that you support all of your discussions with reference to your reading as though we can
all have views in academic writing these must be supported with reference to people who have written about them and who are viewed as experts in that field. By using
what they say to support what we say this gives our discussion/position strength and makes writing less subjective and more balanced.
Some guidance re: useful literature is contained in other parts of your module handbook. You should also use professional databases to search for appropriate
literature. Evidence from the literature to support and develop the points you make is important.
Remember to read around the literature first and then start to write the essay and not the other way around. Please ensure that your sources are professionally
orientated and please dont reference sources like Wikepedia or websites which are not reliable.
Please feel free to use pronouns such as I when you are reflecting on your practice but ensure that you return to using third person writing when you are relating
theory to practice or when you are discussing theoretical issues that have emerged purely from your reading.
You can use side headings or you can write the assignment as one continuous piece of work; that particular decision is up to you. Just remember to address the
assessment guidelines and discuss discuss discuss. Your work should also be beautifully presented and should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Assignment Guidance
Introduce the case study briefly describe the type of practice setting and patients/clients (without breaking confidentiality).
State the 3 health promotion issues that you are going to focus on.
Background information:
Provide a more detailed description of the type of practice setting and types of patients/clients using this service (again without breaking confidentiality).
Provide a short account of your 3 chosen health promotion issues in relation to the placement.
Main discussion:
Discuss how your 3 chosen health promotion issues are related to your patient/group.
Relate these issues to the literature.
Support your health promotion issues by relating to literature from the Department of Health and NICE guidance.
(450 on each issue)
Legal ethical and policy context:
Discuss any relevant local and national policies relating to both your practice setting and to your chosen health promotion issue.
Discuss relevant ethical principles that relate to offering health promotion and education in this practice setting i.e. Justice Autonomy Beneficence and Non-
What have you learned from this assignment?
What are the main points that have emerged in your work?
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