Based on this weeks reading and lecture materials, write a response that addresses the following:

A brief description of the current estimating practices primarily employed at your organization on projects (if you do not know the approach or no formal approach is used, then use this response as an opportunity to state an approach based on what you have learned in the lectures and reading)
List at least two strengths and weaknesses of the approach used
If you prefer the current method, then discuss how the process might be improved
If you dont prefer the current estimating method, then provide a justification of why the method should be changed.
Again, if you dont know what method is used, then use this section to argue and justify the approach you think would be best.
How can this be applied to the work we are doing on the capstone project?  Or, what other suggestions could you offer?
If you are currently not working in a professional environment, then please answer these questions in light of the case study we are using in the course. You will have to make some assumptions to do this, but you should be able to do so based on the case study and the assigned reading.

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