Discussion 3 social psychology

For this discussion, read Chapter 12 of the textbook focusing on the section pertaining to prejudice and discrimination. Read about the Jane Elliot’s classic study in psychology referred to as “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes” and the article entitled “Lesson of a Lifetime” posted at the Smithsonian Magazine website at
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[–Please note that the article is 7 pages long. You can move between pages once you are “in” the article by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the screen.–]. Also view the program “A Class Divided” at at
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. This program contains five “chapters” about the different aspects of and variations to the study, some of which may surprise you.

Then, answer the following questions:

(1) Provide an overview of the study. Who is Jane Elliot, what did she do, and what was her rationale for doing it?

(2) Is there anything about this experiment that you find disturbing? Consider the experimental procedures as well as the results. If so, explain what you find disturbing and why. If not, then explain why not.

(3) Before viewing the video clips, how did you think adults might react in a similar experiment? Why? How did adults actually react? Did this surprise you? Why or why not?

(4) Look through Chapter 12 of your textbook and describe another study pertaining to social psychology. Make sure to mention the researcher who conducted the research, the subjects, the methods/research design, the results and any ethical issues that you may find of interest/concern.

(5) Discuss at least two things that you learned &/or that surprised you about the material pertaining to “Social Psychology” presented in Chapter 14 of your textbook and/or about Jane Elliot’s “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes” study found in the article posted on the Smithsonian website and PBS video.


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