Do you know Survey of Health Issues

Topic: Reducing Carbon Footprint
I am asking that you each take a period of 3 days (the full 72 hours!) and record the following:
1. Keep a logged journal for 3 days. List everything you have done in your home, your classes, your practices/games, and your place of work that reduced your carbon footprint. 
a.  Document your reactions and feelings to your efforts. What worked well, and what was inconvenient? 
b.  How can you improve the inconveniences so that they become habits? 
c.  What other changes could you make to reduce your carbon footprint even more?
 2.  Do an assessment of possible indoor air pollutants in your home. Make changes where possible. 
 3.  Implement some strategies to waste less food and keep a journal of your efforts. Were some strategies more difficult to implement in some settings over others?
 4.  Feel free to use the website, and others to find out what you can do to help the environment and reduce your own risk for health problems.  This may also be a good tool to help guide some of you for the assignment.
**REMEMBER… This is worth UP to 20 points.  And this is your THIRD assessment.  By now, you should be able to give sufficient details regarding the outline of this assignment.  

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