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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

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  • Most schools and businesses require some standard style of documentation for written reports. Discuss why that might be.
  • What disadvantages, if any, might there be to insisting that all reports conform to a certain style?

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses

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I believe that most schools and businesses require the knowledge of standard styles of documentations, because it plays as an extremely important role in communication. In grade school we all learn the basics of writing in English courses. Thereâ€s a difference in styles and expectations when it comes to college level writing. The type of writing Iâ€ve been required to complete APA style most college courses go by this template. With following proper guidelines with APA thereâ€s certain grammatical punctuation needed, citations, references, which type of paper is being written ( ex:argumentative) . Thereâ€s usually a minimum word count to be met. Being able to write and produce good documents also show the intelligence of how well the information given to you is reciprocated. How well you can share information off to others. Some disadvantages would be the time it takes to make sure the guideline are being met. Creating rough drafts, doing research, and etc. Some people may only be familiar with certain types of writing styles and not open to creating things a different way. Being thatâ€s what theyâ€re used to.

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The reason most schools and businesses require some form of standard formate is to be precise and clear for the reader. When filing government documents, they are formatted in certain ways for filing and researching all the important information. When using these formats, the writer needs to be aware of everything on the page. This includes font style, font size, margins, letter head and references. The reference page was designed to make it as easy as possible for the person reviewing the paper to find all the sources without issues and for fact checking. With these different formats it provides the students practice for entering into the career world. It also builds professionalism and credibility when they are able to properly site the references used.

The disadvantage of using these different formats is that they follow very strict guild lines. If you were to turn in a paper for college missing one or several thing; you can be docked points off your grade. There are also many things that can be missed and are very specific that if the right person was looking at it could find them in a matter of minutes. It’s also discouraging for inexperienced student who haven’t used it before to use because they feel like they’re going to make a mistake throughout the entire paper. I definitely feel this way when writing any important documents for school or work.

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