Due in 18 hours APA format – 5-6 pages

Assignment 2: Defining Needs Assessment  Training is a fundamental component to any organization. Organizations spend thousands of dollars each year to train and develop employees. Many of the programs do not produce the desired result of increased productivity.  Using the Argosy University online library resources, research factors to determine how needs assessments benefit organizations.  Write a 6-8 page paper addressing the following items: 

•Define needs assessment 
•Determine the cost-effectiveness of companies conducting need assessments 
•Identify steps companies can employ to modify ineffective training programs that are not cost effective 
•Discuss the role that technology, computer based training, webinars, etc, play in determining the cost effectiveness of training programs. 
•Explain the steps or guidelines which can be utilized to help guide the successful implementation of a  training program  Minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed, scholarly sources, within the last ten (10) years, not including the text material.

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