Ebola Assignment

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Each group meeting on a day with two presentations will give a 20 minute presentation followed by a 5 minute question answer period. Larger groups presenting topics allotted an entire class period will give a 35-40 minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question answer period. Each student in the group should answer at least one question during the Q &A.


Each individual student will submit a 10 page written paper one week prior to their presentation date.


Each student will write their own paper individually. This paper should represent original work and each student will turn in an electronic copy to on or before their assigned due date (one week before their presentation date).


Each group presentation and student paper should address the following:


Introduction: What is Ebola?


Historical Relevance:  How long has this disease been around?  Did it jump species to infect humans (zoonosis)? Which specific societies or cultures have suffered from this disorder?


Epidemiology:  Which demographic groups are specifically affected? Where is this disease endemic and/or epidemic? Is it an emerging disease?  Pandemic? What is the incidence and prevalence in affected areas?)


Etiology:  What is it’s mode of transmission (if infectious)? Where is the portal of entry? Are their any vectors, hosts, etc? Is this disease hereditary, acquired, or a combination of both? If so, which genes are involved? Are there a combination of genetic and environmental factors required for onset? Are multiple genes involved?


Pathology and Pathophysiology:  Which cells, tissues, and organs does the etiological agent specifically infect in various stages? Are carriers asymptomatic? How long is the latency period between infection and clinical manifestation of symptoms?  If cancerous, autoimmune, or genetic, when and where do symptoms manifest within the body?  Which specific cells, tissues, organ systems are activated or targeted?


Symptoms:  Describe different stages of the disease and any short or long symptoms associated with each, etc.


Treatments:  Is this disease treatable? Are there any available vaccines, antibiotics, antimicrobials, antivirals, gene/chemical therapies, or immunosuppressive drugs available to treat or prevent infection or onset of this disorder? Who is a good candidate for vaccination? Are their any experimental treatments worth mentioning? What are the current efforts being made to eradicate this disease?


Relevance to Human Society

Social impacts, cultural stigmas, misconceptions, efforts to raise awareness and/or to treat; political and/or corporate organizations, movements and/or campaigns, key legislation, famous people with the disease or disorder, etc.

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