NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY FOUNDATIONS FEEDBACK SHEET Activity 4 Dear Student, Please use this document to submit Activity 4. You can simply start typing in the first blank page (recommended) or paste in text from another document into the first blank page. Please save this file as: Your last name, first initial, e. g. , PSY5101-4 (DoeJPSY5101-4). Please save a copy of this file for yourself. Academic Integrity: Please see and follow the Academic Integrity Policy in the Learner portal.
Your instructor may select this or any activity to review and submit to Turnitin to assess for an Academic Integrity violation Main Task: Evaluate Library Databases and Resources for use in Research For this activity you will do a library search for resources in your area of professional or research interest. Locate two peer-reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and one scholarly resource (website or other resource). Then, prepare a brief paper on your library search and your results.
First, fill out this chart and for each resource include the following: [pic] • Appropriate citation (APA form) for the resource you discovered. • Name of the database you used. • Keywords you used. • Any search limiters such as full text, date, peer-reviewed that you used. • A note about your skills at this point in using the database from which you accessed the resource; what do you still need to practice? Then, conclude your activity with some general remarks that comment on: • How useful was each database for you? What important journals, key scholars, or new ideas did you discover from your search. • How might a library search spark new ideas? As you searched did you find new ideas or new directions for your search? Did the direction your search take you surprise you? Length:  Completed chart and 1 page reflection paper Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.

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Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy. Submit your document in the Course Work area below the Activity screen. Learning Outcome: 6 • Develop skills in online library database searches. Your instructor will give you feedback using the form below and in margin comments on your work. Reading and using your instructor’s feedback is as much a part of your learning as is reading the course materials and doing activities.
Your instructor will not only help you understand the quality of your work on this activity, but will also give you guidance on how to improve your skills and increase your knowledge that, if you follow it, will help you do better on future activities! Feedback Introduction to Feedback: 1. Was the activity completed as instructed? Activity ElementsFaculty Feedback |Chart | | |Includes hree peer-reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and | | |one scholarly resource | | | | | |Includes | | |Name of the database used | | |Keywords used | | |Search limiters | | |Mention of skills at this point in using each database | | |Discussion of skills attained/needed to be acquired | | |Follows APA form and style | | |Reflection Paper discusses: | | |Usefulness of each database | | |Important new sources, scholars, or ideas | | |Value of searches in inspiring new ideas/ surprises | | 2. Are statements about all readings and resources accurate? 3. Is the writing clear and persuasive? 4. Is the writing correct in punctuation, grammar, word usage, and APA style?
Grade and rationale. Grade is based on the following that maps onto the Northcentral rubrics as follows: 70% Content 1. Completion of the activity as instructed 2. Understanding of activity resources 3. Clarity and persuasiveness of writing 30% Presentation 4. Grammar, word usage and APA style For this assignment the topic that I chose to use is one that is very close to my heart. Over the years the research has become more specific in terms of different types of eating disorder as well as the impact that it has on multiple areas of life. For the first article I researched a topic which was first coined by the author Margo Maine, that topic is “Father Hunger”.
This topic addresses the relationship between an adolescent female and the bond with her father and depending on the factors of the relationship the female is either more prone to developing an eating disorder or not. Although there was a large amount of articles available the further down the list I searched the keywords became less relevant however I kept the theme of eating disorders constant throughout my search. I had a few issues while completing this assignment one being that I was unable to find an electronic resource such as a webcast for my topic. I tried to advance my search in different ways while keeping consistent with the topic and was not successful. The other issue that I ran into is that I was not able to type within the chart that was provided which is why the information is listed below.
In order to make it easier to read I made the type of resource in bold print to help separate it out. Something that I need to work on is utilizing other search engines besides EBSCO Host and PsychInfo. Peer-Reviewed Journal Article #1 Article Citation: Fitzgerald, J. F. , & Lane, R. C. (2000). The role of the father in America. Journal Of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 30(1), 71-84. doi:10. 1023/A:1003653132742 Database: EBSCO Host Keywords: anorexia in girls and their relationship with their father Search Limiters: Boolean/phrase, peer reviewed journal, English. Human Skills in this database: I am fairly comfortable with EBSCO Host Peer-Reviewed Journal Article #2 Article Citation: Luby, E. D. & Weiss, M. (1984). Case study: Anorexia nervosa: A girl and her father. Women & Therapy, 3(3-4), 87-90. doi:10. 1300/J015V03N03_12 Database: EBSCO Host Keywords: anorexia in girls and their relationship with their father Search Limiters: Boolean/phrase, peer reviewed journal, English. Human Skills in this database: I am comfortable with EBSCO Host Book Chapter: Citation: le Grange, D. , & Lock, J. (2008). Teens with anorexia nervosa: A family-based approach to treatment. In C. LeCroy, J. Mann (Eds. ) , Handbook of prevention and intervention programs for adolescent girls (pp. 242-268). Hoboken, NJ US: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Database: EBSCO Host
Keywords: anorexia in girls and their relationship with their father Search Limiters: Boolean/phrase, peer reviewed journal, English, Human Skills in this database: I am comfortable with EBSCO Host Scholarly Resource: Citation: Johnson, J. G. , Cohen, P. , Kotler, L. , Kasen, S. , & Brook, J. S. (2002). Psychiatric disorders associated with risk for the development of eating disorders during adolescence and early adulthood. Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology, 70(5), 1119-1128. doi:10. 1037/0022-006X. 70. 5. 1119 Database: EBSCO Host Keywords: Eating disorders and adolescence Search Limiters: Boolean/phrase, peer reviewed journal, English, Human

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