Ecology and the environment ‘

List three variables that make the fire regime (1 pt)
Define the hypothesis ‘pyrodiversity begets biodiversity’ in your own words. Do you agree with this hypothesis, why? (2 pts)
Provide one example of how humans directly and one example of how humans indirectly influence fire regimes. (2pts)
Describe how bison and fires interact and affect trophic interactions in the North American tall grass prairie (see Bowman et al, Figure 4). What would happen if fire were eliminated from this landscape? (2 pts).
How do cultural fire regimes differ from natural fire regimes? (2 pts)
List five ways American Tribes used fire to promote their livelihood (1 pt)
Describe two methods of how western knowledge and traditional knowledge can work together to improve fire management. (2 pts)
Describe how the wildlife-urban-interface (WUI) complicates fire management (2 pts)
Define a prescribed fire and a wildfire. How does management of these fire types differ? (2 pts)
What are the challenges with using traditional knowledge and western knowledge in research? (2 pts)
Write out the citations for both papers using Ecology formatting. (2pts)

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