Economic Data and business impact

Read Hughes-Cromwick & Coronado’s (2019) article on the value of economic data on business decisions.
Summarize the findings of the article and locate additional peer reviewed articles that provide industry
examples of the value of economic data in their specific decisions.
Provide a 600 -word summary (formatted according to APA guidelines) and include a minimum of five new peer
reviewed journal articles

  1. Complete an annotated bibliography of the peer reviewed sources used. Each source should have a
    minimum of 50 words review and answer a, b, and c below. Each source should:
    a. Summarize the source and discuss the research study that was conducted and what the findings were.
    b. Assess the source and discuss how useful it is and how it compares with other sources in your paper.
    c. Reflect on how the source will be useful to you in your forum. How does it help to shape your argument and
    how are you using it to shape your writing?
  2. Every Good Endeavor Reflection: Cultural Engagement
    Kellar (2014) states “we must love our neighbor, but Christianity gives us very specific teachings about human
    nature and what makes human beings flourish. We must make sure that our work is done in line with these
    understandings. Faithful work, then, is to operate out of a Christian Worldview” (p. 21).
    The different Christian traditions “give somewhat different answers of how we should go about the task of
    recapturing vocation. The streams are often confusing to Christians, for they are not perfectly complementary
    to one another” (Kellar, 2014, p.21

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