Educational Law Case:

United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
118 F.3d 245 (5th Cir. 1997)
Decided Jul 15, 1997

This is only a one case report; which require four pages in length.  I have included the webpage links in order for the writer (you) to build up a report.  I have uploaded the instructions named: 5494.CASE.FORMAT.INSTRUCTIONS.Cypress Fairbanks V. Michael AND the document named 5494 fill in sheet (it is meant to be blank and you/writer will fill in the case report).

Document #1.- Named: 5494 CASE.FORMAT.INSTRUCTIONS.  Please use the weblinks to write this report (the very top of the document).  The first weblink is the official website about a child case that my professor recommends students to use, -and- the second weblink is a good summary/ story about this case.  A disabled child in special education programs that require schools to follow state and federal policies (unfortunately, most schools get sued because they fail to follow the rules).

Document Upload #2 – Named 5494.Fill In Sheet… HERE you will be writing your four page report – two of the four pages will be – the rational part (must be one page) – and the application part (must be one page). You/ the writer will begin writing  the report by first filling in regulations, facts, administrative hearings and lower courts decisions, holdings, rational (1 page) scope of the holding, unresolved issues questions and opinions, and application of the holding (1 page). 

Please include weblinks, in text citations, and reference on the last page.

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