Elegy Poem

1.    From the following styles we have studied so far this semester, determine which type of poem you will write:
Chosen poem type:
    Elegy: An elegy is a poem that laments or meditates on the passing or death of something or someone of value. Another way to define it is a lyric poem with a formal style and serious tone that focuses on the subject of loss or death.

Note: Read the poem Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray and use it as an example of how to write an elegy. 

2.    Follow the guidelines below, and use the rubric below to create your own poem.
3.    Length requirement: 500 words+
4.    Use the characteristics included with the poetic styles above to be sure you are including the appropriate details.
5.    Indicate which style of poetry youve chosen in your documents name or title.

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