Empathy in Epidemics


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Assignment Objectives This semester, we are reading texts that explore human responses to epidemics and all the chaos that they can bring. While we will continue to discuss this theme in class, a thirty-minute discussion cannot hope to capture the entirety of what these texts have to say about epidemics and people’s responses to them and to each other. Therefore, for this assignment, you will choose one of the texts we have read and explore it more thoroughly than we have in class. For essay 3, you are asked to choose a text from the current unit  and discuss how the author portrays the human response to disease, especially for a character who represents a different demographic from yourself. For instance, most of us are relatively young people in class, so we might choose to examine the response of an elderly character. If you identify as male, you might explore how a female character navigates the social implications of disease. If you are white, you might choose to reflect on how a character of color experiences an epidemic differently from yourself. The main idea is to put yourself in the shoes of a character different from yourself.  To narrow your discussion sufficiently for a three-page essay, you should focus primarily on just one character (and perhaps their closest friends/family if it’s important to the text), and just one text from the current unit.  What should I write about? Ultimately, your thesis should make a claim about what the author or text demonstrates about how individuals from different walks of life experience the turmoil of an epidemic. For example, perhaps Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” suggests that the wealthy experience a false sense of security during a disease. Or perhaps Miranda in Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider demonstrates the added pressures that women experience during illness to still be fashionable and look pretty, even while vomiting. To get you thinking about a thesis, you may wish to choose a text that you found interesting and then ask yourself some of the following brainstorming questions: ·         Who are the characters that represent demographics other than myself? ·         What kinds of challenges do these characters experience during their text’s epidemic? ·         How do they navigate those challenges? ·         What demographic groups assist or provide obstacles for these characters? ·         What kinds of social or political barriers do these characters experience? ·         How does the author/narrator seem to feel about how these characters experience their epidemic? ·         What symbolic objects does the author use to encapsulate ideas about the disease in the text?                                           Organization          Your essay should be in the form of a traditional literary argument, with your thesis stating your main claim and a brief preview of the passages/episodes you will examine. The evidence in your body paragraphs will take the form of close reading: how do the specific words, images, dialogue, symbols, character actions/descriptions, setting, genre, etc. lead you to the conclusion expressed in your thesis? Make sure—as in the first close reading assignment—that you do not try to explain large passages of text all at once. The analysis in your body paragraphs should consider short quotations of 3-8 words at a time and provide plentiful explanation of how these words led you to your thesis. These quotations and paraphrased sections should be smoothly incorporated and cited in-text to avoid “armadillo roadkill,” and you should include a works cited page at the end of the essay as well as any Writing Center reflections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I will attach the article here: Book will be the Angels in America Part ONE : Millennium approaches

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