English for Business

This course is designed to develop the student’s ability to communicate through listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. It is our goal to: Sensitizes the student to the diverse nature of cultures; Enable the students to make connections with other areas of study; Prepare students to participate In local and global communities.
In this way, we fulfill the school’s mission and goals to encourage our students to become responsible and contributing members and leaders of their various communities. I believe that learning more than one language opens doors to new ways of thinking and doing, comparing and contrasting, and perceiving and communicating. Through these processes, students will learn more about themselves, their own language, communicating and making decisions. Not only Is language learning enjoyable and valuable In Itself, It has also become increasingly Important In a global community.
Knowing another language helps us understand and assess world events because it rings us closer to the people and cultures of that language. The knowledge of a language other than Spanish is an essential career asset. Through cultural awareness, our students will develop a greater acceptance of others. The mall objective of the class Is to train International students with a global perspective. Who are able to add value In complex International transactions by means of providing top-quality services with an awareness of business issues and the highest standards of professional ethics.

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Socio Cultural Forces 2. Ethics in Business 3. Human Resource Management 4. Communication in Negotiation 5. Organizational Leadership 6. Strategic Planning, Organizational Design, and control in International Business. Come to class on time. If you are late you will not be allowed to come In. 2. After the 8th absence you will automatically fail the course, with no exceptions 3. Attend to personal needs before coming to class.

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