Entrepreneur Analysis Project


Evaluate existing Entrepreneurs to determine what they have done correctly or identify areas of potential improvement
Analytic thinking

For this project you will evaluate an active Entrepreneur that interests you. You should do some initial research to determine if there is sufficient information available to fully answer the required components of the analysis. Cite any sources appropriately.

Your analysis will include the following components:

Executive Summary
Problem Statement
Situational Analysis (SWOT)
Industry Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Financial Analysis
Alternatives and Analysis (both Quantitative and Qualitative)
Implementation and Control
The analysis should be concise (5-7 pages in length).

Grade standard


Content and Research (60%)

a. The requested aspects of the Entrepreneur Analysis Project have been included and described in sufficient detail


b. All research sources are included, and all sources are valid and robust; well-documented and sound reasoning is expected


c. Demonstrates critical thinking through clear synthesis of knowledge



Communication (20%)

a. Uses clear language (verbal and written), with topic-specific terminology used correctly and effectively


b. Information organized intelligently and holistically as a complete report (i.e., not simply answers to questions). Papers must include a proper introduction, conclusion, and be supported by sound body



Attention to Detail (20%)

a. Document is referenced properly including citations and reference page, and proper title page


b. Attention to spelling, grammar, and sentence structure




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