Environmental Issue (Moral Studies)

FACULTY OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MPW2153 MORAL STUDIES DRAFT REPORT TITLE: ENVIRONMENTAL AND POLLUTION Group member: 1. Tai Fei Li 2. Tan Ling Qiao Date of submission:21/3/2013 Lecturer: Madam Rohaidah Binti Mashudi INTRODUCTION: Nowadays, a variety of environmental problems affect our entire world. It becomes a popular issues among societies. Therefore, we want to do some research about this issue and find out a few solutions for this matter. OBJECTIVES: * To determine the types of environmental pollutions. To exploring the factors of environmental pollutions. * To recommend the effective methods to cope with environmental pollutions problems. DISCUSSION: Types of environmental pollution 1. Air pollution 2. Water pollution 3. Soil pollution 4. Sound pollution 5. Radioactive pollution 6. Thermal pollution Causes of environmental pollution 1. Usage of fossil fuels 2. Agriculture sector 3. Trading activities 4. Residential sector Ways to reduce environmental pollution 1. Reduce , Re-use and Recycle 2. Put less load on your furnace and air conditioner. . the authorities should conduct continuous inspections, move out polluting industries or encourage them to modernize with latest technology. 4. Join national groups to put pressure on governments and corporations to cut down on their energy consumption. 5. Build efficient railway system to reduces vehicle used or encourage car pooling. MORAL PERSPECTIVES: We decide to use ethics theories which include social morality, personality virtue for this report. CONCLUSION: Pollution is a global crisis. Stop environmental pollution is everybody’s duty.
It is important to encourage your family and friends to help take care of the world in which we live. REFERENCE: * Website http://environmental. laws. com/types-of-pollution http://www. pollutionpollution. com/2012/05/types-of-pollution. html http://www. pages. drexel. edu/~cy34/ * TextBook Environmental Pollution Studies(1999). Environmental Pollution Studies. Publisher by LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY PRESS VIDEOS: I believe in a world free of pollution and war. It may seem to be a far off dream of impossibility but I do think one day we can reach that goal.
We must join together on a united front and never back down. It’s not only about us in the right here right now, but about our children, our children’s children, and so on. I dream of a world of good and peace, a world where we fear not the air we breathe or the water we drink. We need not worry about the streets we travel down, or countries we’d like to visit. This world was a gift to us and I believe we need to take better care of this precious gem. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=V5MN5VU_pYE http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=X6ociuRh3zo

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