Environmental journal

Environmental News/Current Events Journal Due

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Environmental News/Current Events Journal Due
Due: Dec 4, 2017 at 12:59 AM

Students must choose one of two options for the environmental journal assignment. This assignment is specifically targeted to address the department learning goal 2 and the course learning objective 2.

Option1: Current Events Environmental News Journal–For this option, students will keep a journal for the semester that describes and analyzes current environmental news events. Students can analyze just about any environmental issue–stories, news reports, television programs, issues, etc. that would be appropriate to current news events. Students will find a total of 10 articles, news stories, or reports on current environmental events–Attached is a list of web sites, research sources and journals, and associations and institutes that will help students find environmental news: Environmental Web Sites, Journals, Associations-1.docx Students will find an article or story, and then write a one-two page analysis of the news event (double-spaced). The purpose of Option 1 is to increase student awareness of the many and diverse issues that constitute part of the culture’s dialogue about environmental issues. Students should write about significant issues but also engage in a critical analysis of the content.Please see the attached grading rubric for journal option 2:

 Environmental Current Events Journal Rubric-1.docx

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