equality of opportunity

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Equality of Opportunity

Learning Objective: The Declaration of Independence and the idea that equality is the bedrock of a republic are examined. Please recall that the Declaration of Independence was an assigned reading article in Week One.

Please note: Additional requirements for the Primary Assignment can be found by clicking on the Course Assignment Comments headline (above).

Option 1: Write Your Opinion Editorial:

Listed below are two opinion editorial news articles (op-eds). Write an op-ed to respond to the ideas expressed in the articles by Williams or Zarracina. Present a persuasive argument in which you agree or disagree with the author. Your op-ed can be written in the first person and include anecdotal evidence. While the opinion may be your own, construct a persuasive argument using the assigned course reading materials, including the Declaration of Independence, to support your position. Define and anchor your thoughts within the context of equality of opportunity.

  • Walter E. Williams: America’s founders and the slavery debate, Omaha World Herald, 2019
  • The case against equality of opportunity, Dylan Matthews, Vox, 2015


  • Chapter 4. Hired Help / Markets and Morals – Justice What Is The Right Thing To Do, Michael Sandel
  • Gettysburg Address, A Lincoln, 1863
  • Capitalism and Freedom, Chapter 1, pg 7-21 (PDF pg 24-38), Milton Friedman, 40th Anniversary Edition, 2002
  • The Case against Equality of Opportunity, Dylan Matthews, Vox, 2015
  • People Donâ€t Actually Want Equality, They Want Fairness, Paul Bloom, Evonomics
  • The Good Society, Amitai Etzioni, Seattle Journal for Social Justice
  • I, Pencil, Mises Daily Articles, Mises Institute, 2017
  • I, Pencil, Audio Essays, Mises Institute, 2009

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