Error, breakdowns and problems in organizations

Error, breakdowns and problems in organizations

This weeks readings are about error, failure, and other types of break-down organizational problems.

write a 250 word essay about the value that mistakes and errors bring to robust organizations.( health care)

PLease use:


Porter-O’Grady Textbook: Ch 9: Healing Brokenness: Transforming Error, Engaging

Failure, pp. 361-391

ARES: Charles, B., Hood, <link is hidden> Derosier, J. W. (2016). How to perform a root cause

analysis for workup and future prevention of medical errors: a review. Patient Safety in

Surgery, 10(20): pp. 1-5.

ARES: Boyd, M. (2015). A method of prioritizing interventions following root cause

analysis: lessons from philosophy. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 21: 461

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