Essay about The rain came

Reflection paper of Desiree’s baby Madame Valmond and Monsiure found Desiree as a baby and thought that she was a gift from God. When Desiree turned 18, she fell in love with Armand Aubigny. Finally, they got married. When they got their first baby, Armand was not happy with the baby because it was not white. He treated the baby and Desiree like slaves. Then, Desiree decided to go to deserted bayou instead of Valmond©. Armand, on the other hand, burnt all Desiree’s and the babys belongings including the letters. One of the etters was sent from his mother to his father, which he reads.
In the letter, his mother thanks to the God that her son will never know that she has mixed blood. Among all characters portrayed in this story, I dislike in Armand Aubigny the most for these reasons. First, he is thoughtless. He tends to be like quick to Judge that the baby was not his. He did not even notice that he was the one who has mixed blood. Second, he is not loyal to his wife. He cheated on her in front of her face by bringing the mistress to his house Just to hurt his wife’s feeling. Third, he is racist.
According to the story, all of his slaves are all black people, and when his wife got the baby who is not white, he asked her to leave the house with the baby. Fourth, he is aggressive. For example, he burnt all of his wife’s and his babys belongings when they left. Last, this character has given me a picture that being racist is basically hurts people’s feeling because they are actually innocent about their appearance. What I have importantly learnt from the story is that back in the past of the American society for the people who thought that they were white and found out that hey are partly black, would sometimes commit suicide.

I can see that when Desiree thought that she was partly black through her babys look and her mysterious background, she went and disappeared herself in the bayou since she could not get loved from her cruel-racist husband anymore. Therefore, people should not be racist because color does not matter. It is the person inside. We should know that all people are different no matter what they look like. In addition, not one race is better than the other. There are good and bad people in every race.

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