Essay Analysis

After studying the contents of our week 1 (Textbook pages 3 to 68) you will learn about the importance of the
Purchase Order (PO) and the Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Write a Short Essay (two pages max, times
new roman, single spaced) summarizing what you learnt. Follow the structure mentioned below.
Before you start to write organize your thoughts and divide your short paper in paragraphs in the following
three (3) sections:

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  1. Introduction – Introduce the theme and include a one sentence road map (a road map sentence is the one in
    which you indicate the topics you are going to mention in your paper). The road map is usually mentioned at
    the end of your Introductory paragraph. This sentence should anticipate, in short, what topics your following
    section (Analysis) will present.
  2. Analysis – Make sure that in your Analysis you touch the following five (5) points:
    (i) The importance of a Purchase Order (PO).
    (ii) Acceptance of the PO. List at least 2 ways to assure an effective acceptance.
    (iii) In a transaction governed by the US Uniform Commercial Code, between American importer and foreign
    supplier, if terms and conditions of each one of them contradict each other, what will happen? Who will prevail?
    (iv) Review the details of the Purchase Order (page 25) of your Textbook and list the 10 most important
    headings that your Purchase Order need to have (ex. Date, Address, Product, Price, etc.).
    (v) After checking the key 21 provisions cited in the Model Terms and Conditions of Purchase (pages 28-69),
    indicate which ones, in your opinion, are the 15 most important ones. Justify in one sentence why do you
    understand each one of the 15 provisions you elected are important.
  3. Conclusion
    In your Conclusion section do not introduce any new topics/arguments not previously mentioned in the body of
    your paper. Merely state your conclusion in regard to the importance of the Purchase Order and the Terms and
    Conditions of Purchase in an import transaction.

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