Essay on Gameplay

Earlier games were designed by people who were fooling around with technology on computer screens and that had found out it was actually very fun to play. As they realized this they had made the first arcade video game and the first to develop a commercial game that was available everywhere. Computer space had set a platform for games to come.
Almost similar to Donkey Kong, released in 1981 this game also brought up a hype in the arcade games as there was also a game boy released for Donkey Kong in 1994. This was also one of the most important games that were released into the game world.
The Gameplay is based so that you can control and move through the space that has been created by the developers. This game also had game levels and game characteristics so that the people could connect with the character, they had used graphics to enhance the gameplay and even cutscenes were used to create storyboarding in the game.

Gameplay for this type of game is hard because of the level difficulty, Mario only has a couple of lives throughout the game where he/ the player has to collect items for points. If the character of the game touches an enemy or fall too far into the cliff Mario loses 1 life or if the bonus counter reaches zero.
The gameplay of the game had given new birth for gaming platforms, as the character in the game could run, jump and face incoming enemies. The game is based on Mario where he has to save the princes/Pauline from Donkey Kong. From the start of the game, there is a cutscene where the princes are being taken by D.K he has to go through different types of stages to get to Donkey Kong to save the Princes.

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