Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Essay

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Compare and Contrast Essay

Ethics and morals may seem similar to many, but basically they are different. Morals are more related to an individual’s character and behavior. On the other hand, ethics describes ways in different societies and other social set ups practically use these personal values. Alternatively, ethics can be defined as expectations by a certain group or by the society from its members

Different persons have different morals as well as ethics depending on the environment in which they live. In a business set up, issues related to ethics are based on an individual’s good conduct or misconduct in relation to the workplace expectations (McHenry, 2003, p. 1).

All employers require their employees to be morally upright; failure to which they have the right to expel them from work. Business ethics are, therefore, based on norms that should be exercised in a group of individuals while moral values are based on human behavior more important in determining what is wrong and what is right.

Business managers are usually very strict with ethical issues. They often find suitable solutions to any unethical related problems to avoid failures in business institutions. Most businesses today are failing as a result of unsuitable solutions to problems concerning ethics.

Many managers find it difficult to handle ethical problems because of the relationship they may be having with their employees where they are dependent on certain employees to the point of being unable to act appropriately to workplace misconduct (Gallagher, 2010, p.1).

Similarly, an individual with good moral values interacts well with other groups and the community at large. In the same way, people who lack good character traits find it difficult to conduct themselves well in a group of people. In other words, morality influences the ethics of an individual.

Different people have different views and beliefs on ethics that a person should have. Because of this reason, many business corporations set up codes of conduct that the employers are supposed to follow and practice (McHenry, 2003, p. 1)

These codes consist of both business ethics that are generally expected in a workplace and specific personal moral values which would lead to good behavior by the employees. Good moral values are necessary in business management and leaders.

However, the application of these values in businesses and personal lives has never been practiced equally. This occurs when even the morally upright persons in the society ignore the expected ethics in their places of work with the notion that it will not hurt anyone. Many people, therefore, do not mix their personal lives with business matters.

Business ethics and personal moral values may even clash at times where the expectations of the employer are too much and not favoring an individual’s morality (Gallagher, 2010, p.1).

The desire to obtain quick money by most businessmen causes them to have unseasonable demands to their employees which may be stressful to the point of consuming the employees’ time that they are supposed to spend with their families and children. All employers should consider the moral values of their employees when making the codes of conduct in their work place to suit everybody’s needs.

In cases of profession, an individual’s moral values may differ with the work ethical issues. For instance, a defense lawyer, just like any other person, will consider murder a wrong doing from his personal morals. Law ethics, however, require that all accused individuals be defended in court no matter how guilty the lawyer may think the accused is.

Moral and ethical values of an individual are very important both in the society and in any kind of business. Employees should adhere to the codes of conduct that are expected of them by their employers. Personal moral values should as well be practiced in businesses and in the society.

Good ethical values are deep rooted from an individual’s upbringing. People with good morals, therefore, find it easy to follow ethical codes in business corporations as well as in the society.

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